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What is FloBase Inc.?

FloBase Inc. is the research and development group who originally developed and patented the proprietary expert system generator known as FloBase®. We continue to aggressively advance the power and applicability of FloBase®.

What is FloBase®?

FloBase® itself is an artificial intelligence program generator. It consists of an interface which defines rules for an expert system module which runs within the shell of the inference engine. These expert system modules reside on our secure server, and are password protected. Client relationships are held strictly confidential. The rules interface can be used by experts in any field, without the help of a programmer. FloBase modules can interact with each other.

Over more than two decades, the FloBase language has evolved from an interrogation and reporting language to an interactive language which applies multidimensional algorithms and unlimited nesting for the user interface. It is capable of unlimited levels of "behind the scenes reasoning" to make complex, rules-based decisions instantly.

These powerful features, designed by a neuroscientist, allow FloBase to simulate analog human thought, making it ideally suited to emulate the thinking of human experts.

We smile when other programmers refer to FloBase as "alien technology".

What does a FloBase module look like to the user?

The FloBase engine is capable of dynamically assembling video and text elements according to defined rules. This produces an audio, video and text presentation consisting of seamlessly constructed words, phrases and sentences as well as seamlessly conjoined video clips, which inform or interrogate the user as they interact with the system and pass from frame to frame.

FloBase is also capable of creating detailed reports, medical notes or even book chapters, based on user input. The report writing capability employs grammatical rules and does not look "machine generated."

FloBase causes the user experience to be extremely personalized and it is particularly well suited to education and medicine.

How is FloBase used?

We pioneered the use of expert systems in clinical medicine and physician education, using the earliest versions of FloBase in the early 1980's. In more recent years, we refined its role and its power and added the concepts of Intellilbook® and Intellivideo®, although most online FloBase modules incorporate features of both.

Although FloBase can be used to create expert systems for literally any use, it has mainly been used in Medicine and Education. Click on the topics which apply to your field.

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See FloBase and Education section




FloBase modules are created through an exclusive arrangement with Interactive Video Technology (IVT) who collaborates directly with our clients. IVT will gladly answer any questions you may have about applying FloBase technology to your needs.

Potential collaborators may contact them at:

ivt@IVTproductions.com OR CLICK HERE


FloBase® generated programs can be used for any situation where a text, graphic or video interface is needed to obtain information and then produce reports, conclusions or visual presentations on the Web.


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