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FloBase Inc.
About FloBase Inc.    

FloBase Inc. is a company which has been dedicated to the conception, development and implementation of expert system software tools since 1985.

FloBase® modules have been configured to fill the expert system needs of clinics, educational websites, pharmaceutical companies, medical education vendors and others. Although we have been fortunate to work largely in the healthcare industry, our technology can literally be applied to any field or industry.

Our main function is research, development and constant expansion of the capabilities of our FloBase® language and proprietary artificial intelligence engine. Our staff maintains and monitors our proprietary servers for our clients.


FloBase modules are created through an exclusive arrangement with Interactive Video Technology (IVT) who collaborates directly with our clients. IVT will gladly answer any questions you may have about applying FloBase technology to your needs. Development costs are low because of the highly efficient and rapid FloBase development process. IVT has programming and media production capabilities.

Potential collaborators may contact them at: it@flobase.com or click here.



Contact IVT for more information.


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