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The FloBase® expert system engine is particularly well adapted to training and educational applications:

Truly Individualized Learning with the FloBase Learning Model™

The FloBase® language can produce unique, personalized educational modules like no others, using evidence-based learning principles applied to our unique expert system technology. These learning modules can dynamically adapt themselves to the individual's learning style and prexisting knowledge through adaptive testing and personalized presentation, according to personal learning parameters.

Lifelong Learning with the FloBase Learning Bank?

The FloBase Learning Bank™ emphasizes cumulative learning by linking existing mastered objectives to other learning modules.

Users who master a learning module are able to access a related mentoring module to help solve problems or provide other types of decision support.

The FloBase Educational Consortium

The FloBase Educational Consortium is sponsored by FloBase Inc. as a mechanism for educational professionals to collaborate on personalized learning projects which use the FloBase Learning Model and the FloBase Learning Bank.

How a FloBase Eductional Module is Developed

The FloBase development cycle is fast and efficient... and collaborative.

FloBase modules are created through an exclusive arrangement with Interactive Video Technology (IVT) who collaborates directly with our clients. IVT will gladly answer any questions you may have about applying FloBase technology to your needs.

Development costs are low because of the highly efficient and rapid FloBase development process.

Potential collaborators may contact them at:

ivt@IVTproductions.com OR CLICK HERE



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